Lightning VR: Close Combat

  • “Lightning VR: Close Combat” offers a thrilling arena experience, where skill and teamwork lead to victory. Dive into battle, honing your strategies and cooperation to emerge as champions.
  • Ideal for VR veterans, the game demands strategic prowess and tight team coordination to outplay opponents in dynamic combat.
    • The recommended age for this game is 10+


    Speeltijd VR

    20 min.


    VR Competitive Shooter



    Teamwork & Strategy in the Ultimate VR Arena

    "Lightning VR: Close Combat" throws you into an arena where honor is everything, and teamwork is the key to victory. Engage in heart-pounding modes like Team Deathmatch and Free For All on a 250 m2 battlefield that tests your skills and strategy. With a weapon that feels like an extension of your arm, experience the thrill of precise, realistic combat. Victory requires effective communication and strategic collaboration.
    Are you ready to unite in battle and celebrate in victory in this ultimate VR challenge?