Ontdek Onze VR ervaringen vOOr teams

Most immersive VR experience designed for everyone

Immediate and guaranteed results for your team

Virtual Room is the ultimate virtual reality experience specifically designed for corporate teams (not gamers). Designed to foster communication, collaboration and mutual support among players – it is the ideal team building activity.

Players work together in teams of 2 to 4 to cooperate, solve problems, conquer the mission and save the world ! BUT there’s a twist – it is so much fun and has such a WOW factor that teams won’t even know it’s a team building exercise.

No-one can sit on the side-lines during the Virtual Room experience – all players must participate, using their brain power and logic to complete the tasks.

During a Virtual Room corporate event, you will have exclusive access to our whole premise. We can even organise catering and additional team building experiences if you wish.

Example of team building program:

  1. Welcome and briefing of the participants,
  2. Build your teams of 2 to 4 players,
  3. Each player enters their own 10m² room equipped with a comfortable headset (glasses can be worn) and two simple controllers. Within moments they join their team in the virtual world,
  4. Players embark on an incredible time travel adventure which lasts 40-50 minutes,
  5. After the session, teams get to use our props to take a fun photo souvenir,
  6. Additional team building exercises or food and beverage packages can be arranged as desired.

Note: Virtual Room does not cause any motion sickness or nausea unlike other inferior VR experiences.

Number of players

From 19 to 50+

Free play session

RevolVR 3 Arcade


Food and drinks

Room Area

200m2 VR Arcade

What else is there to do ?

Your experience doesn't stop after playing the main game

  • Enjoy a drink and snack with your colleagues
  • We will arrange a fully catered lunch if you indicate this
  • Possibility to use multiple screens
  • Enough tables for brainstorming sessions
  • Play several of our cool arcade games
  • Play RevolVR Arcade 3 against 2 or 3 colleagues
  • If you prefer no screens, you can always play a game of pool against your colleagues