• This game is a compelling adventure shooter , in which you and your team travel through various virtual locations on the hunt for hordes of zombies . Overrun Stage ll is a mix of action and adventure! You won’t lack the necessary scare moments here. Please note this game is the sequel to Overrun.

  • This is the perfect entry-level game for the novice VR player . The game automatically adjusts its difficulty level to the level of the players. If you master it quickly, more zombies will follow!

    • The recommended age for this game is 10+


    Speeltijd VR

    28 min.


    survival shooter



    Shadows Reawakened: The Return of Dracarev

    In "Overrun 2," set in 2010, the ghost of Dr. Dracarev's experiments resurfaces in a wave of violent incidents, compelling David Muller, a veteran of the original case, to assemble a new team.
    From a secret bunker, they explore a city haunted by chaos, starting with a subway station attack leading to an ominous abandoned compound. As Dracarev's involvement becomes undeniable, a surprise assault on their base and a cryptic choice from an unknown caller heighten the mystery.
    Embark on a suspenseful journey to confront or unravel the enigma of Dracarev's return in a world where every shadow hides a deeper darkness.