• This game is an immersive adventure shooter in which you and your team travel through different virtual locations on the hunt for hordes of zombies. Overrun is a mix of action and adventure! You will not lack the necessary moments of shock here.

  • This is the perfect entry-level game for the beginner VR player. The game adapts automatically in terms of difficulty to the level of the players. Once you get the hang of it, more zombies will follow!

  • The recommended age for this game is 10+


Speeltijd VR

28 min.


survival shooter



Shadows of Overrun: The Hunt for Dracarev's Monster

In "Overrun," a VR thriller set in 1987, you're part of an elite team investigating Dr. Dracarev's sinister experiments in a remote village. Your journey begins in a deceptively quiet clinic and leads you through haunted dormitories, a mysterious mine, and an abandoned market. As the doctor's grotesque creations roam free, your path takes a dark turn to his secluded manor, filled with unimaginable horrors. In the depths of a hidden underground lab, a final showdown with a monstrous beast awaits. Can you unravel the mystery and survive the terror of Overrun?