• This game is an immersive adventure shooter where you and your team travel through various virtual locations in search of evil creatures. ToonStrike is a mix of action and adventure!


  • This is the perfect entry-level game for the novice VR player. The game automatically adapts to the level of the players in terms of difficulty. Once you get the hang of it, more evil creatures will follow!



  • The recommended age for this game is 10+


Speeltijd VR

28 min.


survival shooter



Unraveling the Desert Base Mystery

In "Toon Strike," your mission to protect a besieged city quickly spirals into an unexpected adventure. A daring escape leads you to a seemingly safe abandoned bank, but the real challenge begins when a team of scientists uncovers the threat's source at a secret military base in the desert. After a fierce battle and the discovery that the chaos originated from the base itself, you're close to victory with an antidote in hand. Yet, a simple journey through a nearby town stands between you and home. "Toon Strike" blends action and mystery, pushing you to navigate through danger with courage and strategy.